Theme Files

To access the git repositories, create a GitHub account with your @iastate email and add the GitHub tile to your Okta dashboard. Once you’re logged in to GitHub, switch to the Iowa State University organization.

  • Source

    Code repository for the theme. You will need to run some commands before it’s fully functional. If you’re not familiar with Composer then you should consider the Packaged option.

  • Packaged

    Pre-packaged with resources already downloaded to use the theme.


Recent Theme Updates

Advanced Custom Fields Pro

The ACF Pro plugin is required and should be activated before the theme. The plugin from the repository will not work with this theme.

Profile Plugin

There is an optional plugin to provide a people directory for your site that fits in with the theme’s design.

  • Source

    Code repository for the profile plugin. You won’t need to run any commands for this package.

  • Packaged

    Pre-packaged files.


Recent Profile Updates

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