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Two plugins are required (depending on your installation method). In either case the Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Pro plugin is required and should be activated before activating the theme.

This is different from the ACF plugin on the WordPress repository. Having that plugin active instead of the Pro version may cause the theme to break.

If you’ve downloaded the theme from CyBox then you do not need to add or activate the Timber Library plugin.

If you’ve downloaded the code from the GitHub repository and haven’t run “composer update” then you will need the Timber Library


You need to add the Hero block to the start of the page/post.

The plugin and the license can be found in the CyBox folder,


The license is not required to use the plugin but is needed for plugin updates.

The Profile post type is activated through a plugin. You can find the plugin in CyBox


Or get the source from GitHub


No. The ACF Pro license is being funded centrally and is can be found in the CyBox folder for the plugin,


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