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  • CMS Tree Page View Banner

    CMS Tree Page View

    Displays all pages in a tree format. Within this tree you ca n edit pages, view pages, add pages, search pages, and drag and drop pages to rearrange the order.

    This plugin is useful for laying out page structure on your website.

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  • Conditional Menus

    Add’s functionality to make menus visible per specific conditions. You can have different menus in different posts, pages, categories, archive pages, etc.

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Iowa State Local Plugins

  • SiteImprove

    A simple plugin that loads the pre-configured Iowa State’s SiteImprove scripts.

    • Traffic logging
    • Optionally track logged in traffic
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  • IASTATE22 Migration Assistant

    Scripts and options to assist in transitioning to the Iowa State theme.

    • Auto-add Hero blocks to pages
    • Fix Hero subnav if migrating content pre-1.0.11
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  • IASTATE22 Extras

    Adds additional features to the Iowa State theme.

    • Additional stylesheet
    • Customizer support
    • Block editor improvements
    • ACF support
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