Button Set

Buttons draw the user’s attention to trigger actions and links.

Do use one to three buttons at a time. This will avoid overwhelming a user with buttons, and will help to narrow down choices.
Keep button label reasonable. Try to keep button labels to one to three words. Overly long buttons can look awkward. If a button has long text, try pairing the button with a heading to break it up.
Use meaningful language that tells users what to expect. Make sure the user knows where they will go when they click a button. Avoid generic language such as “More,” “Click Here,” or “Submit.”
Don’t overuse buttons. Prioritize the actions you want your users to take. Avoid using row of over three buttons, as well as “sprinkling” too many buttons throughout a page.

Button Set block editor icon
Button Set block editor icon


WordPress Block Editor

WordPress button blocks do not use the theme’s style without manual modification.



With Some Modifications

With some modifications to the block settings you can mimic the look of the button. But the style transitions won’t apply to them.