Feature with Large Image

Contains a large image, <H2>, supporting copy, and a CTA button.

Use to break up a page flow, create visual rest, and call out an important feature in instances where the featured content clearly supports the same on-page narrative as the prior module or page section. See Feature with Large Image and Intro for an alternative in instances where this is not the case.
Use this feature when you want to use a large image and no introductory copy.
Keep in mind that the text block will cover a portion of the image (left-center).
Keep supporting copy brief.
Don’t use these consecutively, back-to-back on a page.

Image Specifications

  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Focal Point: Center – Right
  • Dimensions (px): 1713 x 963
  • Notes: Image will stay the same aspect ratio at all screen sizes
Feature with Large Image block editor icon




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